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Courses for refugees and helpers in ukrainian / german / english

Train - the- Trainer Psychological First Aid

Psychological First Aid
Helpers and Refugees

Fleeing, experiencing war and adjusting to a foreign culture are strong stressors, even for healthy and formerly emotionally stable people. We want refugees to have the chance to remain psycho-mentally healthy, regardless of their individual experiences, so that they can integrate and fulfill their roles as parents, professionals and members of the new community. ​

At the same time, we offer psychological first aid for helpers - because most of those involved have taken on their task without any previous experience worth mentioning, often without any knowledge of psycho-mental self-protection. ​

Below you will find our offer.


You are also welcome to forward this offer to those affected and interested.

We are looking forward to you!

What is Psychological First Aid?

The human brain with its "Stone Age design" shows highly efficient regulatory mechanisms in dealing with stress and critical events. Applying psychological first aid means using these forces for the demands of the 21st century. Because exceptional situations that are answered favorably strengthen resilience and stress tolerance. Psychological first aid is a scientifically based and proven method for the prevention of stress and trauma disorders and enables you to actively protect and strengthen your psycho-mental health.


Courses for Refugees

  • Duration 1 day

  •  in Berlin

  • alt. online via Zoom

  • ukrainian Trainers and/or translators

  • access to digital training platform


Formation Psychological First Aid Trainers

  • Duration 2 x 2 days

  • in Berlin and Potsdam

  • alt. online via Zoom

  • Courses for refugess and helpers
  • Certificate

Gruppe Bibelstudium

Courses for Helpers

  • Duration 1 day
  • in Berlin

  • alt. online via Zoom

  • english or german

  • access to digital training platform


dDgital training platform

  • Upon successful completion of the course, all participants have access to a training platform to practice what they have learned and refresh it if necessary. Access to the skyminds training platform is and will remain free of charge

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

030 / 20003671


The courses are free of charge for refugees and helpers until December 31, 2022.

Course dates

Courses for refugees ( ukrainian/german)

  • in Berlin:  20.10.2022, 5.11.2022, 4.12.2022, 26.10.2022 ( childcare provided)

  • online via Zoom 7.12.2022 - booked out-


Courses for helpers (german)

  • in Berlin 10.11.2022 - booked out - , 17.11.2022 - booked out- , 26.11.2022 - waiting list -

  • online via Zoom 2.11.2022 - booked out-, 3.12.2022 - booked out -


Course times are 9h30 a.m. to 4h30 p.m.

We will be happy to send you the course dates for the training of psychological first aiders on request!


This project is funded by the German Foundation for Commitment and Volunteering. We say thank you!

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